Choose your blooms: Cymbidium Orchids (蕙蘭)

Orchid has the hidden meaning of ecstasy, also symbolizes luxury and strength. Many brides especially love the beauty of Cymbidium Orchids for their special day. Here are the designs for brides with Cymbidium Orchids. 

Charming purple - cymbidium orchid, hyacinth, ranunculus and eustoma (蕙蘭, 風信子, 小牡丹, 桔梗)
Bridal bouquet by Lily Sarah

Natural Green - cymbidium orchid, rose and ranunculus (蕙蘭, 玫瑰, 小牡丹)
Bridal bouquet by Lily Sarah

Simply Elegant - cymbidium orchid and rose (蕙蘭, 玫瑰)
Bridal bouquet by Lily Sarah

Feel free to contact me for the colour combination you like for a tailor-made bouquet ! 

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