Wedding Logo Design and Flowers for Kiki and Jamie

A unique wedding logo means so much to a couple, and this custom design can transform a wedding into a very personal one. We've designed a logo for Kiki and Jamie for their wedding, and have applied it into different elements of the wedding.

The idea of the logo is to fit in the meaningful Chinese "Double Happiness" word for Kiki and Jamie. Their initials "K" and "J" are emerged at the upper part of the word. Especially love the surrounding flowers. Stylish yet traditional. Logo designed by da studio.

Logo in GOLD

wedding logo design

Printed as a cover of their wedding album

wedding logo designwedding logo design

Logo in RED

wedding logo design

Stage backdrop at JW Marriott Hong Kong, their wedding banquet

wedding logo design and backdrop

A nice decoration inside hotel room!
wedding logo design

A welcome backdrop at Cova Ristorante & Caffe, Lee Gardens, Causeway Bay. Their second wedding party in the afternoon.

wedding logo design and backdrop at Cova Hong Kong

This is also being placed outside Jamie's home. Matching so well with the red door!
Wedding logo design

To match with the total look and feel, red silk flower car decoration was selected.
wedding car flower decoration

made with delicate and high quality silk red roses
wedding car flower decoration

wedding car flower decoration

Kiki's peony bouquet on the day of afternoon wedding party.
The peonies smell so so great!
Peony bridal bouquet by Lily Sarah

Peony bridal bouquet by Lily Sarah

Jamie's corsage with red ranunculus

corsage by Lily Sarah

Once again, BIG congrats to Kiki and Jamie!


  1. Very nice concept and amazing logo design really inspiring the fonts you have used are looking like something written in Chinese very well done.

  2. thanks very much for your comment. yes this is a very meaningful chinese word means "double happiness" which is widely use in every chinese wedding :)

  3. kiki and jamie30/6/12 11:30

    Love the logo, love the decoration, love the flower bouquet.....love every little thing!!!
    Your artworks' just gorgeous and they were exactly what we needed and expected.
    They enriched anad shined in my wedding and we were thrilled with your design.
    Thank your once again @lily sarah @da studio

  4. Wow nice post!You looks so cool in that red dress..logo design

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